The model a, Vanesa Carbone, was very angry to see that the production schedule that leads Marcelo Polino had included in a report listing the celebrities who were "bushings of show" for having publicly told their romances.

Carbone what bothered him was that it included talking about the romance with Carlos Tevez, she had with Tevez in 2009, while Brenda Asnicar (ended her relationship with the player recently) or even named.

"He would never be her friend (for Tevez). Ended in 2009. I left by Brenda and if not for Tevez would not have sat in Susan " Said Vanessa.

"In that report lacked a name, Brenda Asnicar. What is the Brenda Asnicar difference and I? He sat in the living Susana have everything, "gave glamor Susana program.

I spent a year with him, "he complained, and then said no further Tevez talking about because it's part of his past and is now a partner with another person.