1) Forgiveness: Never say you do not deserve forgiveness because God forgives all sinners

2) Learn to forgive: We all must forgive everyone and if your God does forgive anyone who hurt you that forgiveness will be returned when you sin. The know how to forgive is an art

3) The treatment to people: Treat people as you would have them do unto you and if you do that you have true friends who always support you and want you at all times

4) You're never alone: ​​Do not feel rejected because you have no friends just try to be better person and have many friends and remember you always have a special friend who is god

5) The real treasure: Friendship is a great treasure that only good people get it

6) Taking care of your friend: If for some reason one of your friends are sick visit and give your support so that it can improve if you do that and if for some reason you get sick you're sure to get your friends supporting you

7) To choose your friends: Sometimes in life we ​​encounter people who walk the path of evil and want to drag you into this path with the bribe that if you do not lose their friendship, these are not real friends is better to reject these false friends and you should always find a friend to help you, support you and love you

8) Our best friends: Our best friends are our family and they will always be god for you

9) Do not be sad, sad never show your strength

10) If you have lost a friend: If you have lost a friend by something you said just try to mend the mistakes you and ask forgiveness forgiveness if they agree that this will be your best friend and if not accepted was not the person chosen to be your friend

11) Take the positive: If you pass something that will hurt your heart out only the positives of what has been reminded that things always happen for a reason

12) The know the difference: You should always know who he really is unlike your friend and who is only known that treats you well

13) When from this world: Before you leave this world you know your family and friends how much you truly want and how good you were when you were in life when you die all your loved ones will remember the good times that were together

14) At the time of giving: Never to receive gifts, every time you give a gift to someone you review your support and love of you

15) The respect for a lady: You should always respect the ladies remember the most famous is: In the ladies are spanked or the petals of a flower

16) Do not be vindictive: Try not to be vindictive is a sin and not a good action recalls the revenge is not good kills the soul and poisons

17) Union: He is always united with your family, true friends and with God. Remember the union is strength