On the day of his birthday, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, was on Monday forced to travel 700 kilometers in micro and breakfast at a service station because his flight was diverted by the cloud of ash affects Argentine airspace.

Ban was scheduled to arrive Sunday night in Buenos Aires on a flight from Bogota for an official visit to the country, but the cloud of ash from volcanic complex Chile Puyehue-Cordón Caulle forced to divert the flight to the International Airport Córdoba.

To be on time for his meeting with Cristina Fernandez, who was held at the Casa Rosada (government headquarters), the UN secretary general, who turns 67, he was forced to ride in a regular group of long distance the rest of his party and breakfast at the service station where the vehicle made ​​a stop.

Cristina herself joked about the situation, and apologized to Ban, but said that "climate issues are impossible to control, even for decrees of necessity and urgency" and that, ultimately, is Chilean Volcano

In a stop on the way to Buenos Aires complicated Ban alfajor a typical breakfast in a Santa Fe station near the city of Rosario.