It's sad when you see someone get a tattoo bearing the name of the love of his life with regret for having done so and then be done with that person. Well, that line of things that should be thought a couple of times before executing extra is this lady, who had the bright (?) idea of immortalizing the faces of 152 Facebook friends far and wide across his arm right. Like a bunch of faces.

Now, what happens if you add new friends? Are you beginning to tattoo on his left arm? Or worse, what if one of them will remove it or simply closing your Facebook account?

She at least claims to have been sensible and have thought a lot, so I decided to put only the most important, your loved ones. Thus, by the way, the tattoo fully confirms the Dunbar number.

Update: Apparently the tattoo would not be real (thank goodness) and it would be just an advertising campaign for a shop where they would be less ridiculous are printed the faces of your friends in the network (such as a bag or a bowl) .

After the jump, video of the procedure and results: