"The truth is I never thought of that. And in this football less as a cannibal, which sent the results. But luckily things went. I feel very comfortable at this club. I live day to day. I love to stay in Vélez life and be the Liniers Alex Ferguson, admitted to "El Tigre".

"But it's so crazy Argentine football in this tournament had drawn, lost and matched (in the first three dates) and the questions of the journalists pointed to my continuing and if I was sorry to renew," recalled the coach, born February 10, 1958 in the locality of Tapiales.

However, the coach, sitting in the press conference room that has the club inthe Villa Olímpicade Ituzaingó, caught in a long talk soccer and liked the idea of ​​following the line of Alexander Chapman Ferguson Ferguson, who for a quarter century that English goes to Manchester United.

"It's nice and always continue to play important things. I appreciate and enjoy it very much," continued the former Boca striker.

Paradoxically, both Gareca as "Sir" Alex Ferguson spent part of his football, the player, to submit to the goalkeeper. "It's just a coincidence," said the strategist velezano, who were encouraged to take stock since joining the club from Liniers.

"It's good, no doubt. The team always fought for something in these almost three seasons and that's important. Not only for ourselves but also for the club and the players," he said.

The coach also emphasized that he never thought of "giving up" after finishing second in the Apertura championship Students in the past, because it is considered "a very analytical person. I like to enforce contracts."

Not reached the goal, it is true, but the team went very well. It was all given to follow. There was agreement with the leadership. And today celebrated the second title with the club, "he said.

"I have a contract until the end of the year. So now I take my vacation and then I marec start thinking in the preseason. I need to rest because it was a really hard semester," he said.

"I know some players will leave. But this has not yet talked with the leaders. If this happens, call in reinforcements", announced the former coach of San Martín de Tucumán.

"This second title means a lot. It means that all the effort we made was worth it, which paid off. It is true that we faltóla Cup, but we had a lot of things this semester I'd rather not say them now. Perhaps they'll make more forward. I do not know, "he threatened.

"Going around (Clausura and Libertadores) enabled us to win something. I'd do it, no doubt. I am a risk taker," he said.