Relaxed, fresh and spontaneous. So, like him, was held last night talk with Susana Gimenez Carlos Tevez, who visited in the living room of his program accompanied by his ex-wife, Vanessa, and their two daughters, Florence and Katie. Carlitos, who talked about everything, elaborated on his football future and said he will leave Manchester at the end its link with the City team. "You do not have anything to do in Manchester. I'm still speaking very bad English. When I finish my contract within three years, Manchester not be back again no holiday" shot.

The juiciest of the visit, however, were the statements of forward, who also said he is tired of fame. At one point in the interview, the diva Vanessa invited to sit with her ​​ex, who is trying to retrieve the relationship. The woman hardly mattered be live on an open channel and the driver replied with a resounding "no. "

Susana, who tried to reunite the family in the chair insisted his order until Vanessa told him his reasons. "I'm not going to sit there. Less after there was an ex of him to talk about it, " said Young, referring to the actress Brenda Asnicar. "But you saw that said it had nothing to do", tried to calm the diva. "I'm popular, I have my codes, " blasted alluding to the children's novel "Patito Feo", which Asnicar was leading a glamorous girl group called the "Divine", faced with the "Popular. " (Special)