Chihuahua, Chih.-The body of a young man was found dead inside a vehicle in the intersection of Vaca Oviedo 11 and Urban Development in the colony. Along with the body was a dog with a party hat stuck on his head.

The body was lying in the passenger seat and according to some residents, the vehicle, which had no plates and had a dollar sign, had stationed in the corner from 2 pm on Saturday.

This is a car late model Mercury Table, which was left in the area by unknown individuals, as reported by the neighbors who were aware of the strange facts.

It was not until yesterday morning when the car was still observed that stranger on the street, they decided to talk to law enforcement authorities, who confirmed there was a corpse of a man inside and a dog alive.

The deceased had set aside several cans of beer, which polimunicipales agents talked about a possible overdose.