The band Coldplay released their new single, "Every teardrop is a waterfall" in the midst of a controversy due to its curious resemblance to the song "Rhythm of the Night", of Mystic, which fueled by accusations of plagiarism Internet.

In "Every teardrop is a waterfall, which can be heard from a few hours on the official website of the group, the British set back to playing with synthesizers and electric guitars to create your item and the base of the song is too great a similarity with Mystic.

This is the first single from Coldplay (apart from a Christmas single) after more than three years without filing anything. "We're about to play a lot of summer festivals, so it's a good time to launch a new song, " drummer Will Champion said through a statement.

Both songs have a similar, moreover, particular. We'll have to wait to see what the members of Coldplay say this accusation of plagiarism. Only you have to press play and listen to yourself.

Mystic - Ritmo de la noche "

Coldplay - "Every teardrop is a waterfall"

Amid the controversy, the PR rep acknowledged that there was a notable influence of a particular issue for the new song, but it is not the hit nineties but one of the 70's called "I go to Rio", Australian Peter Allen.

Chris Martin acknowledged that the theme was inspired by Allen to hear in the film "Biutiful"and from those chords came Coldplay's new track. In fact, so obvious is the "tribute" to Australian his name and his creative duo, Adrienne Anderson, were included in the credits of the single, according to the NME site.