While waiting for confirmation of their inclusion in the final list of the America's Cup (something that surely will), Carlos Tevez went through the living room of Susana Giménez and touched various topics. Manchester City striker spoke of his recent meeting with Sergio Batista, the ability to return to the Selection, fame, relationship with his daughters and the possibility of retirement, among other things.

"We get together to talk, play some songs that he had lost and I told my truth. He thought about things from me and I told him it was not, it was a misunderstanding, "Tevez told in relation to his encounter with Batista. "It was all very well, very clear," he added.

"Working for my daughters do not lack anything, but what is the reality show and make them see that we are in a country suffering a lot," said Kay, who made clear his desire to leave their current city. "You do not have anything to do in Manchester. I keep speaking very bad English. When I finish my contract within three years, Manchester will not be back again no holiday, "he said.

Tevez also discussed the possibility of hanging up his boots. "I always said I retire at 28, like I am going to go a bit further," he said. "I am tired of fame. One climbs too high, is believed to be God and hurt many people want. I did suffer a lot to my daughters. I've been wrong many times, "he said.

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