What will she think Vanessa Mansilla de Brenda Asnicar this working? Because after the ex Patito Feo visit the program and tell Susana Giménez intimacies of her relationship with Carlos Tevez, the now (again) Apache couple told Susan not want to go through the same living "after there is sat an ex to discuss it. "

Well, now Brenda is top of the magazine Hello! Argentina ... and one of the main issues is, of course, Carlos Tevez.

The actress who now develops a singer, gave a review of what was his relationship with former Boca Juniors player, "I think it all became very sensational. That's when he began to dislike (...). When they began to say that Charles had bought the house where I lived with my family ... My poor father, who had seats that were saying that we are living as if we were squatters! "he says.

Furthermore, it was serious about the labels: "I went out with Carlos, who is a footballer, but not why I'm Botineras." And then deepened over the break: "We actually broke up because I'm very involved with my career. Carlos never asked me to leave my job. Just let it be what it has to be because we were suffering."

Then retracts something he had admitted in a conversation with Susan: "Do not cut the phone. I was in Catania, and he went up there. We talked a lot. 'Look, my love, it's all good, but it makes sense that we are going sorry for being so long separated, 'I said. And yet the pain of the soul, let us (...) I never thought of leaving my career. On Friday night I took a direct flight to London to be with Carlos . He arrived on Saturday at noon and, some hours later, on Sunday afternoon, I returned to Buenos Aires to record. It was crazy! ".

Surprisingly, despite the separation, Brenda reaffirms his feelings: "To Charles never came up asking me to leave everything. That's why I love him I want Carlos to be happy because I really love."

Asnicar also speaks of the beginning of the relationship: "Just as I never thought I was going to cross with Carlos, I do not know if I'm getting married at age 45, if I have three children or if I'll end up marrying him .. .. " And he confessed: "I fell in love, but my career is very important, and he knows his eyes (...). I fell in love and tenderness. It is an excellent person, and when we met for the first time was ... wow! Who are you?! And since there is not never stopped talking. "

With respect to the present and future, seeking new horizons Asnicar, perhaps, to leave the past behind: "I'm writing some songs to release a solo album independently, from a recording studio installed in my home." Also note: "I'm considering a proposal for a novel in Mexico for a year, but I go there to speak from a character. Surely the girl to touch me rich or crazy evil."

Will focus on her career and forget about Tevez?