The rendezvous was weird but maybe for them, has been adequate. Where (if not on TV) could be Peter Alfonso and Larissa Riquelme? The study of "show kitchen" saw the interest of the Paraguayan model for the shy producer.

"I have to work, I'm the producer," said Peter, very nervous, when the brunette whispered in his ear the style Coki Ramirez. And this was all, "is very direct and I like the complicated," he concluded. That is histeriqueo fan, it was clear after last year followed his relationship with Paula Chaves.

But it seems that Larissa is much more outgoing than the model and went with haste and without pause, in his praise. "I am very affectionate. I'm super good, so happy (...) That is Peter in my dressing room. Peter was in Paraguay, "he said, no hint of shame, before the cameras as he drove his aloofness.
How did you meet? The story takes us into the corridors of ideas in the South when the "bride of the World" began negotiations to join the staff of Tinelli. Then there was a meeting in Paraguay and one in a Buenos Aires disco.

However, a doubt was floating when she admitted that he invited her to his apartment but had not yet gone. At that time, Mariano Iudica clarified that the producer has a few things in your home, to which the exuberant sex symbol said, blunt, "nothing." Not clarify that darkens ..