A three year old girl fell yesterday from the fifth floor balcony to the sidewalk of a building in Buenos Aires and, miraculously, survived by reducing the impact against a bed. The child remains hospitalized in Mater Dei Sanatorium, with multiple injuries and hip fracture, but was out of danger, police sources said.

The drop came yesterday afternoon in a building located on Avenue 647 Directory in Caballito, when the girl of 3 years, fell from a balcony on the fifth floor for reasons still under investigation, but "apparently was trying to find a teddy bear, "said the chaplain of the Mater Dei Clinic.

The baby, who at the time of the accident was with his mother, struck down on a bed, which would have cushioned the blow. "A natural mattress saved her life," said the priest.

The girl "was brought to life by a special ambulance to the hospital guard Durand after the fall," said the Head of the Emergency Medical Care (SAME) Alberto Crescenti. Sources of this hospital, claimed that the girl "was admitted with head trauma to guard the hospital and his condition was serious."

However, their status was reversed. "The doctors said it is perfect," said elcapellán sanatorium in dialogue with the press. "He has injuries to his head and chest, but nothing serious," added the priest. And she said: "One of the nurses said the desperate mother declined to attend, but the same girl spoke to him and said he was fine." "Stay calm, I'm fine," were his words.

"We have to wait 48 hours, which makes sense if this kind of thing happens, but the baby is well, is perfect," said the priest. The chaplain said that "could" be considered a miracle that the baby may have saved his life after falling into the void from a fifth floor, because "if I had gone to an adult's salvation would not have