Hebe de Bonafini, head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo was handed a letter to the Peruvian writer to sign a petition asking for the television show that leads with Teresa Parodi, that leaves the CN23 signal, is transmitted by Cablevision (Group Clarín).

So far, Cablevision censorship this channel. "As he [Vargas Llosa] talk a lot about censorship and freedom we ask you to sign, because we are censored, "said Human Rights reference.

He further explained "I come to ask you to sign for exit CN23 Cablevision and so can we leave our program with Teresa Parodi. "

"He kept the letter and told me he is going to read carefully, he has written extensively about Mothers. I told him I forgive but never leídosu work because I am a woman of the people. I told the truth, "he added.