The brunette was called Jorge Rial program to speak of his relationship with Matías Ale, with whom he shared a cruise just returned. However, the comedian was relegated to a backseat after the dancer pull the pump from its relationship with the Mexican sun.

While at the beginning of the talk the integral Bravissimo would not give many details of the relationship he had with the star of the track, after a while she relaxed and said some juicy details of their encounters.

"The reality of having this is so that you understand why I have this type of relationship (with ALE) and not looking for something stable that is what I had all my life," he said.
The reason for this not wanting to make a commitment, it has to do with his history with Luis Miguel, who suffered a broken heart.

Andrea and Luis Miguel was first seen in a subtracted from Acapulco, more than three years, while the brunette worked on TV Azteca. The singer's security people went to the dancer to ask your phone number, and since that time held a number of romantic encounters. "I hooked a lot with him were good times that we live together. I thought the relationship might get a bit circular. I know him for three years and when he came on tour to the country we meet, "he said.
Estévez was reunited with the interpreter in December last year in Mar del Plata, and feelings to surface again. He would be invited to Los Angeles, but when traveling the star did not feel safe in their relationship to both and decided not to go.

And, despite his supposed infatuation, Luis Miguel never phoned: she always communicated with his assistants. So Andrea has backpedaled.

"I preferred not to risk to travel to Los Angeles because I did not feel stable ground. The relationship I had with Luismi moved me a lot, but I am a person who if not on firm ground with the other person do not like to risk, perhaps a question that I'm used to having a man on the other side to be played " , the actress reflects on the disappointment.

Now, live the present with Matías Ale, and seeks to take the relationship slowly. "I try to preserve as much as I can and watch what they are for me the ideal of life outside of work. I'm learning a little shock to drive in the middle, to have a photographer at home, or like the other day we took pictures with Matthew in Miami and then we found out that published out those things to me are very new and rare "confessed the inexperienced celebrity.

Source Exitoina