U.S. trade chamber filed a complaint against the show with support from legislators and bondholders.

The popular fair La Salada, located in the Buenos Aires district of Lomas de Zamora, is a target of the United States for alleged "unfair practice", the alleged offer pirated goods.

The newspaper The Nation in its print edition this Thursday echoed allegations made in the North country, where the fair accused of being an epicenter of fraud and counterfeiting of trademarks.

"La Salada is the largest in many markets the same kind established in the province of Buenos Aires, who identifies strongly with the sale of counterfeit goods, "the U.S. trade office and plays the morning.

The complaint took up the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR, for its acronym in English) was produced by companies Azurix and Blue Ridge and was supported by legislators and bondholders in default.

According to records the newspaper founded by Bartolome Mitre, Argentina could lose 20 million dollars a year on business profits and the U.S. tariff benefits, without specifying.