Actress Brenda Asnicar was last Saturday morning in the vicinity of a known disk Belgrano with Rodrigo Guirao Diaz.
Near the door of the bar, the girlfriend of Carlos Tevez and heartthrob talked animatedly among a large group of friends.
A few months ago, Brenda Asnicar and Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez began an unexpected romance for everyone. The relationship was growing by the day and today both are more in love than ever.

The last weekend before beginning a tour of Mexico and Europe, Brenda in the company of a group of friends was present at Rumi, a popular disc neighborhood of Belgrano.

According to the information handled exclusively hereby Asnicar and his group of friends, many of them colleagues of the strip "Ugly Duckling" - were on Saturday at around five in the morning trying to enter the bowling alley.

The truth is that near the door of the local dance, Brenda met by accident Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, with whom he talked animatedly for a long time.

The two met in the fiction that was issued by the Thirteen and they had a very good relationship. "With Rodrigo got along great time. A co-worker level is great but at the guy I like is not my type, "admitted the young actress in an interview months ago.

While in England Tevez is shining in your club and expecting a visit from his girlfriend, Asnicar enjoy his last hours at home and took the opportunity to reunite with his former teammate strip.