They Are rowers and earned him a trial to Zuckerberg. Winklevoss twins: "Some guys frugal," Mendoza says that in the Pan American defeated.

By Andres Burgo

In the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Usain Bolt was the wind, Michael Phelps, the tsunami, Lionel Messi, aesthetics supersonic, Yelena Isinbayeva, eyes, Kenenisa Bekele, the human locomotive, Andres Nocioni, adrenaline, and brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, brains ignored. Were we in the presence of the smartest athletes in history and no one noticed? The data, unexpected for the 1,200 million people who followed the Games on television and the 21,600 journalists accredited in China, recently became massive from the movie The Social Network, premiered in Argentina in late October (and re-released this week .) The film has the backdrop of conflict in the creation of Facebook and the twins has a triple vocation seldom intertwined: technology, business and sport.

The Winklevoss were students of economics at Harvard University in 2003, the network imagined that seven years later, brings together more than 500 million users worldwide, but at the same time, two rowers of excellence shared the Olympic Village along with Bolt, Phelps, Messi, Isinbayeva, Bekele and Nocioni, no one knew what they had created. Or rather, what had been sent to invent: the twins came up with the project and commissioned its programming to one of its university partners, Mark Zuckerberg, who shortly afterwards attempted to break away from the original founders. But that's another story.

"The Winklevoss are frugal types of few words even among his teammates.'s Idiosyncrasies," defined by the rower Mendoza Horacio Sicilia, who, along with his person from the same province as another Maximiliano Martinez, Joaquin Iwan Bariloche and Buenos Aires Diego López could boast of a title hook: "The Argentine won by 12 hundredths to the inventors of Facebook." To happen these days, would be a patriotic impact news, and with the added agony of being in a race of 2,000 meters on a final set paddling and just 65 feet away on the tip of the bow. But it happened at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro 2007, when the twins were still a couple of years to beat Zuckerberg a trial for damages by $ 65 million. In short, the Argentine newspapers did not even include in their chronicles the names of the Americans defeated by us.

- With Winklevoss greet us and we exchanged a sentence of time just finished this race in Rio. I think they were somewhat touched. Harvard students tend to have a great culture of rowing and many of them come to the U.S. team. This time, we beat them with a boat that had just been given the office the day before, "recalls Sicily, who, at 36, just retired.

Brando: When you went back to see the Winklevoss?

Sicily last time was in June 2010 in the Henley Regatta in England, which is the same as that seen in the film, a very traditional, with 180 years of history, a kind of rowing Wimbledon. People knew who they were. It was the talk of the tournament is said to have made a fortune. And only then I learned that I had invented Facebook.

Brando: Are they good rowers?

Sicily: Excellent. Not everyone comes to an Olympic Games. They were sixth in Beijing, coxless category.

In fact, Winklevoos that 21 met Aug. 29, had been close to his first Olympics in Athens 2004. So were 22, and a few months before Zuckerberg had asked a young man three years younger but already a computer genius, to schedule a network to keep in touch with students and graduates of Harvard. Without knowing it, had created the genesis of Facebook, while simultaneously, the left-hander and right-hander Tyler Cameron wins totaling as rowers, earned a name in sport in their country and getting a chance to reach the 2004 Olympics.

"The race is shown in the film is to Henley in 2004, which was a qualifier for Athens: the Winklevoss the lost narrowly against some Dutch, and in Greece, won the silver medal. So I believe that, have occupied this place, the brothers had fought the podium in 2004, "interprets Sicily. Revenge of the twins was in Beijing in 2008, after qualifying at the World Cup in Munich, where Mendoza and his companions, far from the halcyon days of Brazil, were eliminated.

In China, the Americans moved into the Olympic Village and, as usual, made friends with athletes from other countries. To keep in touch, the solution was a blow to pride, while continuing his trial for damages, had to open their personal Facebook accounts (Cameron and Tyler) the web at that point had already ceased to be a system used by Harvard students first, and for the rest of the American college later to become used by a tenth of the world population.

And billionaires, the latest commercial venture of the twins was Guest of a Guest, a social network used by celebrities in New York to show their photos, their parties, their private places their lives at night. Another Olympic business, from here to China, the brothers performed the triangle best sports-business-technology.

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