Was blunt and sharp against his archrival Ricardo Fort, Fabio "La Mole" Moli whom he defined as "a monster" in his visit to Infama program.

"True, there are two people who write me, write things that I think that The Mole is a monster created by Ideas del Sur, I have no doubt that it is bad for society, I have no doubt either, is unpleasant and rude, not the charisma to be mistaken and be rude and boorish to be rude and insulting to people, "he said.

"He sold a character who praised Marcelo, of simple, good, normal, man field, which proved so far is not a good person and honest country, in the form of fighting and insulting, the way they shouted to my girlfriend, is not an honest person with charisma, I do not like on TV and I do not like my children to see them, "he said.

"He was the other day to picnic and do not take anything he says about mosaics obtained but took nothing, I am going to go with dust, pencil, pencils and T-shirts, bring something, do not go empty handed" said.

"I do not want to be a role model for anyone, but I'm getting the snot on the camera and I'm insulted." "That has nothing to do, I'm not talking about glamorous, rude talk is another thing," he concluded