In an interview with sports daily AS Luciana Aymar made him confessed that he gave out on the cover of Playboy but refused to take care of your image.

"The money they offered me was fine, but I said no because I care for my image. I have fans who are children and did not seem right to tie my image with the magazine, "said Aymar

About the Award for Best Ibero-American Athlete, Captain of The Lioness said, "It was an honor. " "I came to Argentina to pick gladly hands of the Royal Family. I am very happy, "he said. And, asked about the election over it as the best athlete Lionel Messi of Argentina, said: "I'mam glad that I 've won the football game ( laughs). Seriously: Messi is a crack for the Argentines. The best in the world. It is also very young and has a lot ahead. He will win many awards. Will grow. "