She has no limits when it comes to disclosing their sexual tastes. True femme fatale in bed, he admitted that he likes having sex in strange places, watch adult movies and traveled long for intimacy with male subjects. Hot statements of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood.

"I love porn!" Shot. And it was more: "You know what I love the hotels? The discreet they are. " The words in the mouth of Cameron Diaz (38), shocked the audience and driver Jimmy Kimmel.

The blonde with perfect legs (and arm muscle) was in the program live, promoting her new movie "Bad Teacher" in which she plays a teacher a bit rude now chasing the actor Justin Timberlake (who in real life was her boyfriend a while ago) when he made up the set temperature revealing his sexual tastes.

Currently engaged to baseball player Alex Rodriguez (35), is not the first time the actress surprised his followers. A few months ago told the men who love primitive and crude that "make you feel like a sex slave."

And more: it seems that your libido exploits have sex in odd places. The star of Mad About Mary revealed that one of their fetishes, for a long time, was to be intimate in the bathroom of an airplane with unknown men. Very strong, the icing on the cake would be the statement made some time ago Playboy magazine: "Whenever I travel I´m looking penises."