While the actress and singer touring Italy with his show "Antonella in Concerto", the media announce an alleged distancing from Carlos Tevez.

Brenda Asnicar time through a good professional. While in Argentina passed the test "Dream With Me" in which once again plays the "bad guy", she travels Europe but in the shoes of the villain who made it famous: Antonella, Patito's counterpart in "Patito Feo".

The actress took a musical show to the old continent whose story revolves around how to become a "Divine." Asnicar debut on April 2 at the theater Palapartenope in Napoli with a group of dancers and musicians.

But not all are flowers for the artist because by this time, the media say that she and Carlos Tevez have separated. The protagonists of this story prefer to be deaf to the rumors and continue each with their activities ... Can it be true?

The truth is that Brenda is not distracted. After his show in Naples, will pass through the city of Pescara in the theater Maximum; on 13 April in Bari in the Team, on 16 and 17 in Milan, 27 and 28 in the Sicilian city of Palermo and Catania 30 Metropolitan Theatre. In May, eight new concert given in the theater Politeama Catanzaro, 5 and 6 in Bologna, 7 and 8 in Padova and finally the 14 and 15 May in the city of Rome at the Grand Theatre, which seats more than 3 thousand