The first CNG station + Hydrogen in the world will be inaugurated in June . It will be the first experience in the world to mix the two fuels. The cost per cubic meter will be U$S 0,37. The use of hydrogen has great environmental benefits.

The city of Pico Truncado, in southern Argentina, will host the first experience in the use of hydrogen mixed with CNG. Pilot tests have demonstrated safety and efficiency in the use of this resource. In June could be ready the first alternative fuel station.

Maranca Faust, president of the Argentina Chamber of GNC in May estimated that completed the civil works necessary for the installation of the filling, and speculated that in the month of June and will reach customers load the new green fuel.

Oxygen can be converted to CNG by CNG mixer blends and a small proportion of hydrogen but with time, the goal is to improve the mix. Thus, anger is encouraging the use of green fuel. By this time, work on the operation of the new technology. "We are installing hydrogen compressors, " said Maranca.

"This would start with a new market, unprecedented since the use of hydrogen fuel would generate a much more friendly to the environment, "he assured, adding that "gas combustion produces no pollutants. " The plan has received funding from the Ministry of Federal Planning.

The service station will have two hoses for release but are expected to install another supplier. "We are working to disseminate this type of fuel because it is something new and limited awareness among the people and dealers," said the president of the Argentina Chamber of CNG.

Law No. 26,123 for the Promotion of Hydrogen, was enacted by the Argentine Congress on August 2, 2006, and promotes the generation of energy through a package of initiatives to encourage alternative fuels, such as has been done with biofuel. The legislation declared of national interest in technology development, production, use and application of hydrogen as fuel and energy carrier.

Source Surtidores