Eccentric millionaire, Ricardo Fort was proposed this year to be famous at all costs. Supported by the money inherited from Fort Fel chocolate emporium founded by her grandfather, Ricardo Fort created the character and broke into television to become one of the figures of the year.

Use boots that go beyond four or five times the minimum wage has watches that are worth as much as a house and used shirts and accessories with gemstones and diamonds. Ricardo Fort is a monument to the glitz and the character he created is a flesh and blood version of the narcissist animated Johnny Bravo.
The first attempt to become famous Fort Ricky had it for over 10 years, when she appeared as a singer in the cycle Movete, Carmen Barbieri led by America. Since that time, it was Fort girlfriend with some glittering figures of the national spectacle, which allowed him to appear occasionally in magazines.

But in 2009, at age 41, Ricardo Fort decided to take his great leap to popularity, paid out of pocket space in the early hours of Thirteen to put a kind of reality show, where it together with your friends and shift couples traveling the world and making the most unusual and mundane vagaries of the millionaire.

Thanks to Alejandro Fantino and Santiago del Moro, Fort got to be a regular guest on Loose animals and infamous, and events like Blessed, RSM, TVR and reproduced ad nauseam Zapping the latest eccentric millionaire and superficial comments he says without blushing.

Ricardo Fort became the "Mecca" of the national business show on Thursday 19 November, when the 55.8% of phone calls Musical won the playoff of your dreams, earning a spot every week in ShowMatch to continue to achieve its main objective : to be famous. It should be noted that Fort did not compete head to head in the playoffs the Musical of your dreams with a single famous, but he competed against Matias Ale (20.1%), Adabel Guerrero (10.2%) and Anabel Cherubito and Pablo Ruiz, who remained in the road.

His motto is that they "Why I want to suffer?" Says the millionaire rueful face every time I want to do something that borders on the mundane, or is not used to doing just because they have money .

Leaving the limelight, Ricardo Fort is itself a person who, at least, can be described in particular. According to the magazine soon, the millionaire has 27 cosmetic surgeries, among which stands a strange prosthesis that would have put on heels to be 3 inches taller. According to this publication, Fort is addicted to the gym, healthy living and has conceived twin sons in a rented womb.

The site the particularities of Fort compiled an attractive list: "27 surgeries (including heel), two children, three Harley Davidson motorcycles (the fourth is in Customs), 13 tattoos, 500 thousand dollars in monthly expenses , 11 000 pesos per night for drinks with friends in Esperanto or Rumi, 70 pairs of boots and shoes (about $ 3,000 each) that renews every six months ... to incur excesses when looking for life partner as it clarifies in his Facebook he was "interested in men and women". "

This summer will continue to rotate in the gossip shows and programs for Fort mounted with silver pocket a play on the coast, which ensures a privileged place in the "eye of the storm" of summer now, where continue showing their eccentricities and whims.

Source: Revista Soon / Urgent /