While Teresa Lazo, the woman who tirelessly carries out the picnic area at Campo de Mayo district, still awaits a visit from Fabio "La Mole" Moli and production of Marcelo Tinelli program to receive the prize of "Dancing with the Stars 2010" , the eccentric and media entrepreneur Ricardo Fort sent a significant monetary donation for the more than 120 kids who attend the place.

At noon on Monday, arrived at the aerodrome of Bell Ville an aircraft carrying the bride's Fort, the model and showgirl Claudia Ciardone with employees and the employer's agent chocolatier.

At first it had anticipated that the employer would donate school supplies and clothing for children, but Ciardone came with cash and, as it transpired, it would be a figure close to $ 20 000.
Teresa Lazo confirmed that in recent days had several telephone conversations with Fort, did not hide his excitement and gratitude. Said: "This promise was fulfilled and the children, not like the others still are waiting and I have not heard," a clear reference to Moli.

The neighborhood was accompanied by several of the children attending the picnic area, employees and members of the educational community of the School Velez Sarsfield.

The initiative to help the chocolate entrepreneur, came after he made a phone call congratulating Teresa Lazo for the work they do for the Garraham Hospital. In this dialogue, Fort would have asked if he had made cash prize Tinelli program. The owner of Picnic told what their needs are and still there was no news of the award, so Fort committed to working in an urgent and practical, made to comply with the interim Ciardone.

No sooner set foot bellvillense the star said: "I come on behalf of Ricardo Fort, who wanted to work with the picnic area and these children with the help they waited for so long. Ricardo could not come for commitments in Miami, but we are making this release will surely be used on site or needs to have these guys. Ricardo made many donations and is very kind, and we are happy to help in this case, "said the blonde.

For children

Teresa Lazo For his part, said that "I'm really surprised and this is a dream and gave us today. Mr. Fort said he would help us and here is the reality, because we were tired of unfulfilled promises, but today this support is real and I am very grateful for the good of these children. "

On behalf of ...

After the airfield, Claudia moved to the picnic area Ciardone located at the ends of the street Entre Ríos, taking a direct contact with the reality of the place and sharing with the kids one evening of pure celebration.
According to people close to Teresa commented, this money will be deposited into a special bank account and create a foundation that would administer these funds was presented with the signing of a contract between the parties, to provide total transparency in its use.


Given the doubts that may arise regarding the administration of the money sent to Fort Picnic, Dr. Gustavo Calzolari said those interested can keep track of expenses, in order to give transparency to Teresa Lazo Foundation will be made with for legal status.

Source El Diario del Centro del Pais