This week circulated in a few ways a new controversy in which the Member is involved homophobic macrista Alfredo Olmedo. The legislature has used a photo casual Lionel Messi for advertising in newspapers Salta, connected to his campaign for governor of the province. But now Olmedo is in trouble, Messi's father reported that he would have been in contact with his lawyers to sue millionaire Congressman for illegal use of the photo of the star.

According to reports the photo had been taken at an airport, when approached Olmedo Messi and like any fan asked him to pose with him for a souvenir. No mess and the legislature refused smiled for the photo shaking hands with the front. What is Messi never imagined that was the image of the "Olmedo governor. "

For this reason is that Jorge Messi, Lionel's father, said "Olmedo used the image without permission and hence it is very likely that it will launch a million-dollar lawsuit. "