Argentina Hello Magazine published an interview where the actress Luisana Lopilato Argentina has all the secrets of her marriage to Michael Bublé

With eyes closed, Luisana Lopilato proclaims the love of his life, the man who conquered by force of romance and allure of singer. And while he has placed a long false eyelashes and her hair beat intensely blond. Canadian fiancee of Michael Buble "escaped" from the house they share in Los Angeles to enjoy their last days of single, before his marriage announced April 2. In a ceremony that will be in Spanish and English, more than 300 guests will witness the long-awaited wedding to be held in the imposing Estancia Villa Maria, located in Máximo Paz. "There will be no one who is not in my area, just be my friends and people I love and loves me," says withholding the names and details of the most important day of your life. The design of the dress is kept under lock and key, just as the second party, which will be in May in Canada. "All I can say is that there's going to wear a dress of Jorge Ibanez and Mike already has designed a list of more than six hundred guests for the ceremony in Vancouver. I know I'll have the wedding I always dreamed of and yet I live very quietly. It will be because you do not fall. Yesterday I tried the wedding dress and could not believe it was mine. I thought this scene a thousand times I lived in all the novels I worked. But now it is my dress and Mike is the love of my life. Is that why I'm so nervous. "

"Let's go by parts. How was the marriage proposal?

"Very romantic. Mike spent all day wondering how it was said in Spanish "I want to marry you" and immediately wrote it down on the phone. At that time I was weird because the truth is that we always talked about someday going to get married. That night we met at home with my family and then he started repeating that he wanted to marry me and we all laughed thinking it was a joke. Until a prince knelt, picked up a box with a ring and asked the question to my dad. I still thought it was a joke, I looked at mom and my sister and I saw they were crying. My dad and my brother pouted face Darius was "roughly what you are, how you dare!". Obviously I said yes.

- When did you meet your parents?

"That was years ago when we were newly acquainted. In fact, yet we were dating and he invited me and my two brothers to accompany him to Los Angeles. There he introduced me to the women of his family. On that first trip I met the mother, grandmother and two sisters, Crystal and Brandee. They are the ones who gave the OK. I think Mike wanted to see if I passed the test. [Laughs.] The good news is that once I hit them very cool.

- How do you get along with your in-laws?

"Since we met treated me like one of a family, made me feel like a daughter. I remember thinking: "How nice it would belong to a family like that." Today, my mother gets excited when he sees how I care for my mother. I never went from a political family so united.

- And how is Michael's relationship with your parents?

"Very good. Whenever you travel with your family, Mike organized programs to do together. We go to movies or to watch a hockey game. My folks love it.

- How did you won?

- [Think.] It was very slow. Actually, I did the click when I met his family. Then I realized that this guy I went out, could actually be the man of my life. I touched him with his family, how they behaved with the most wanted. On that first trip I discovered that he had met someone very like me.

- In what sense?

"In the values, how important it is for him and for me the family life. When I met my first thought is: "This is 35, is a singer, traveling the world, is in everyone." But then, Mike surprised me. When we go to Canada some time to visit his grandfather and teach computer, one hour per day. Wants to be connected with him when he is on tour.

- How is married life?

-Normal, very everyday. I get up early, I have my car, go to the gym. We meet at noon and have lunch together. He likes to cook, I love making risotto and soup. Take the time to chop vegetables and also puts a bit of chicken.

- What do enjoy doing when not working?

"We played tennis and walked a lot. He loves to take walks through the streets of Vancouver.

- How about you?

"No, not me. [Laughs.] I hate walking. I really hate everything that has to do with physical activity. Seriously, I hate it. I go to the gym because I have to do, not because it is an enjoyment for me.

"You go out to walk for sucking up to Michael, and he does it for you?

- [Think.] I came to see more bad movies than you can imagine. Poor, and took him to see a dog and the typical romantic love me to mourn. He always tells me that no other boyfriend would agree to go see those movies. [Laughs.] These little things I live and love big test.

- What is to be paired with an international celebrity?

"They both live very naturally. Mike and I were like fame, enjoy. I work from 6 years and I think the day when nobody stop me or ask me a picture, I feel weird. Perhaps they think that being in Hollywood is different, but there too the celebrities live their own normality. Fame is part of life that sometimes you live. After you get to your house is you.

- What song will you sing Michael in the wedding party?

"I have no idea, says it's a surprise. Like I love all your songs, especially when I sing in Italian, that's very romantic.

- I chose the destination of the honeymoon?

I do not know. I told Mike that he decides. For now I am in full with the organization of the wedding and finishing decorating our house Nordelta.

- Where will you live after the wedding?

And ... a little there, a bit here. Los Angeles, Canada, Buenos Aires. It will be tough but so far we managed quite well. Everything will depend on my work and tour it.

- Do they want to have children?

"We both want to have a large family, we love the kids. I have 23 years and want to wait a bit, at least to 26. That's a nice age to be a mother.

"A while ago you mentioned how romantic is Michael ...

"Yes, he is re aware of what I need, what I like and what makes me happy. Do not miss a detail, is very gentleman. Always ask me how I am. And that simple question to me and makes me happy.

- What is the one you love with him?

"I am touched by your enthusiasm for life. Mike is a very positive person in everything he does. In that sense, constantly encouraged me to go forward. Tomorrow I have my own business, but not a clothing store but something that is good, to help people, a children's home, for example. And instead of telling me not delire, encourages me to think about how to achieve it. And I like that, nothing will arise. No limits for growth. At the beginning of our relationship I was afraid this love away, and he always answered: "