The Paraguayan, who became famous in the World Cup encouraging your country, is in the kitchen show, where he confirmed his participation in Dancing with the Stars. And joked about how they imagine their participation in the contest "Bailando por un Sueño".

Sofia and Mariana presentarona the band and other members of the program, stopping at Peter. There he told the love story of this with Paula Chaves. "Yes, in Paraguay continue beyond the program and are aware." They proved that Peter and the Paraguayan pulpy baialran a cumbia, but Mariano brakes. "Peter, you have to release you," he said. "I'm just grieving," said he, regarding her breakup with Paula.

"Everyone is very happy that I am here and want to dance," said Larissa on joining the concurso.Etán very happy that I'm here. Tell me dance. "Your style may be good for Marcelo", chichoneó Sofia on the type of relationship with Coqui Tinelli.

Asked about how he knew the program. "There is very popular, I know some, like Maxi Diorio, I like dancing." That made it witha regageton improvise the dancers and Mariano hicieorn account the interviewed after receiving a 3, and 4 Pachano Fort. "You know, go dancing," she acted. "What's Pachano is to build controversial," continued the falsetto. Closed waiting for the possibility that the coach is Propato Larissa. (Diarioshow)