1. Avocado

Replace the mayonnaise with a little avocado spread for your sandwich is not dry. Besides containing monounsaturated fats beneficial for the heart, researchers from Ohio State University, U.S., discovered that their oral cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

2. Garlic

The stinky thing is the enemy of cancer. But do not put in the pan immediately. "The enzyme that prevents cancer-alliinase-completely developed if you let the garlic oree for 10 minutes after slicing," says nutritionist Rita Fonseca Silva.

3. Capers

When scientists at the University of Palermo, Italy, added capers to a cut of meat and simulated digestion prevented the formation of compounds that damage DNA.

4. Tofu

You can make a mousse. Japanese studies yielded results that their herbal hormones protect the human prostate cancer. "Grind a little soft tofu until frothy, then add melted chocolate," advises dietician Ellie Krieger and author of The Food You Carve (Taunton Press).

5. Ricotta cheese and honey

Prepare a healthy cream to add to your dessert with a mixture of these two foods. The ricotta is made from whey and contains cysteine, this produces antioxidants that prevent cancer.

6. Breadcrumbs

"It removes fat dressing your pasta to replace half of the cheese with bread crumbs," suggests nutritionist Carina Norris. "The crumbs take the crunchy texture of baked cheese and add fiber, an important reducing many types of cancer."

7. Lemon

The shell contains d-limonene, a powerful defense against skin tumors. The University of Arizona, U.S. Weekly said that a spoonful of this compound reduces the risk of skin cancer by up to 30%.

8. Ketchup (organic)

The Agricultural Research Service of California, United States, found that this dressing lycopene has twice the normal anticancer sauce. Make sure you get the maximum benefit with the version of the green label of Heinz.

9. Extra virgin olive oil

"The light versions have no flavor and fewer antioxidants," says Elena Paravant, the Hellenic Dietetic Association. "The extra virgin has a spicy and sour taste."

10. Parmesan

Grate hard cheeses like parmesan on your salad to add protein. "The key is to get the protein to all your meals, so you feel full faster and burn more calories throughout the day," says Milton Stokes, of the American Dietetic Association, the United States. "Giorno tutti Cheese? Mamma mia!

11. Buttermilk

The University of Surrey in England, confirmed the fact that food that looks good is delicious. Krieger suggests we prepare mashed potatoes and buttermilk, with a similar caloric amount of milk to light. Put some butter at the end just for your eyes to fall in love the dish.

12. Cornmeal

Sprinkle some in your soup and you'll see how the texture is instantly more appealing, plus healthy. As an added benefit, the cornmeal contains an antioxidant called zeaxanthin, which promotes the vision.

13. Soba noodles

Delight yourself with some of these Japanese delicacies for your serving of pasta. Made from buckwheat, soba noodles take longer to digest, so they make you feel satisfied longer. In addition, a plate of these noodles contains twice the fiber, protein and iron than normal spaghetti.

14. Blue corn tortilla

Eat them the next time you order fajitas and feel satisfied a long time. Latin American research has a lower glycemic index than their white counterparts. They also contain more protein and less starch than the other.

15. Low-sodium soy

The sushi is excellent source (low fat) protein, but soy sauce that has loads lethal soak love salt. Prefer low-sodium soy to eliminate up to 790mg (per tablespoon) of the evil that threatens your arteries compound.

16. Light yogurt

"Substitute coconut milk for your yogurt chicken curry with light," recommends Willin Low of Wild Rocket restaurant in Singapore. "You get the flavor but eliminate the fat."

17. Filo pastry

"Save yourself lots of fat and calories with filo pastry, puff pastry instead of bulk," says Norris. Hasa Elimnarás 110kcal and 10g of fat per serving, which will have less impact on your blood pressure and cholesterol.

18. Chiles

You will lose weight. Capsaicin is a chemical that generates heat and encourages your liver eliminate inslulina the bloodstream, the hormone blame for fat storage.

19. Homemade hamburger

"Fill them with olives, mushrooms or vegetable of your choice," says Krieger. Thereby ensure that a small portion of meat looks like a steak epic. "The filling plant adds healthy nutrients," adds Krieger. "Also reduce the amount of animal fat in your burger."

20. Wheat Pitas

Adds more vegetables to your menu to replace wheat pita bread. These are ideal to fill with nutritious ingredients, according to a study by Harvard University in the United States, per serving of vegetables you add to your daily diet, you reduce the risk of heart disease by 4%.

21. Feta cheese

Prepare sandwiches with soft cheeses such because they have a third less fat than hard cheeses. When you need of the most greasy, use those more smelly, then you will get the same flavor with less cheese.

22. Beans

Are a source of protein and fiber quick to prepare, although high in salt canned. If the wash for three minutes the remains of up to 30% of sodium.

23. Red lentil

For a delicious low-fat lasagna uses half ground beef and replaced the rest with red lentils. "They do not contain fat but high in fiber, so they fill you faster," explains Norris. Besides enriching the flavor of the meat.

24. Dark Chocolate

Bring a touch of decadence to your dishes with a bit of dark chocolate, for example, in the hash. Provides a delicious flavor and has flavonoids and polyphenols that remain in check your cholesterol and reduce heart problems.

25. Oregano

A tablespoon of this spice contains more antioxidants than an apple, according to some research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the United States. Mexican Oregano is the one with more, but Greek and Italian versions will be quite close. Serve over your spaghetti bolognese or your salad.

26. Mushrooms

White mushrooms fight viruses by boosting your immune system, according to Tufts University in Boston, U.S.. Its powerful antioxidants also work against cancer, and can win the battle for the prostate if you replace 100g of rice or pasta with mushrooms, and avoid to 200kcal per serving.

27. Fresh mint

The next time you prepare a sandwich to take to work mint leaves added to the mix. "He has a hit of flavor that will make basic food and graceless in culinary delights," says Krieger. Also increase your intake of vitamin A significantly.

28. Spinach

When you reheat the sauce for your pasta, put a couple of handfuls of spinach or other green leaf before serving. The heat wilt the leaves but retain their nutrients. "This is an excellent way to use vegetables that you have in the fridge and have passed their expiry date, suggests Norris.

29. Skim Milk

I applaud them for contempt of Froot Loops cereal in favor of a more nutritious, but that's not enough to get the best food. Milk dissolves up to 40% of the vitamins in your cereal. Bebe like to close the bar.

30. Parsley

Add a handful to almost every dish you cook. He gets along well with strong flavored foods, and if you use 30g (a handful), you get up to 70% vitamin C, 50% vitamin A and 10% of the iron you ingest daily. Also refresh your breath