The star was intimacies of chocolate millionaire and also talked about his life of luxury next to the media.

Some time ago that Claudia Ciardone became his girlfriend and used at a time, like almost all former partners of the entrepreneur chocolatier. And along the same lines, would like to say intimacies of married life.

"I'm satisfied in bed and how! He loves luxury, excellent. It is a beast, "he told the blonde excited the magazine soon.

To please her man, claudia increased the size of your bust and have now passed 95. "I did it for my decision, he did not ask me anything, " he said.

Gone are his days in the Big Brother house. Today, one a present Ciardone lives surrounded by luxury, with travel, expensive gifts and any whim that strikes your fancy. "He gave me incredible jewelry and a Rolex. He is a fan of watches, has a huge collection and I think when you give away one is because he wants to make you feel part of their group. "

Source LV7