Carlitos Tevez had no better idea to go for a walk on his day off with his girlfriend Brenda Asnicar by the cold streets of Manchester. Everything was going great until parked the car and suffered a 'blooper' from which the whole world starts to smile.

It happened that the couple left the car on a street. When the City striker was to find the parking ticket, the vending machine turned out to be quite complex, rather than the Pythagorean theorem in practice.

Brenda, who saw Tevez puzzled and went to help him as seen in the photo, also failed to understand how the device.

In the end, including twists and turns, both managed to get the ticket on the third try and after ten minutes of being in front of the machine as pedestrians circulating commented there

Beyond this incident, photos of Apache and the Divine in addition to the few there are of them together. It was exactly the same British newspaper in mid-December that the photographed for the first time in a London subway. To put chips into love.