Fruits and vegetables to the cries
Address: Avenida Andres Rolon 2560, Beccar.
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 3 am until 10.
Those who live in the north have a choice when it comes to source quality products at good prices. Beccar market specializing in fruits and vegetables, and has over 200 stalls operating. Felicitas Herz, owner of Go Green salad chain, makes shopping for his restaurant every week: "The porters traveling with their cars at full speed with a scream as the only warning before spend above. It is silliness, it is develop a special ability to dodge. " Herz recommended since Martin Aragona, second generation of the founders of the market. "The price difference is big. Individuals tend to shop for special occasions. If you buy kiwi or passion fruit in quantity is noted in the account," says Felicitas. The seats are divided according to types of fruit and vegetables: the greens are lettuces, chard, spinach and other vegetables, legumes have the potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions, and fruits are divided between the citrus and the rest. One of the differentiating factors of this market is the food science laboratory that works by verifying the condition of the goods and jobs. To get the best, it should go at dawn and after breakfast in one of the internal cafes.

Exotic flavors
Address: Arribeños and Pledge (and surrounding streets), Belgrano.
Hours: Every day except Monday.
Just go through the imposing arch of welcome to go around the world and reach the farthest East. A meter Belgrano C station, four blocks from Chinatown is a must-see for lovers of fine cuisine, including professional chefs looking for exotic ingredients and fish of all kinds. Alejandro Goñi Godoy restaurant chef, he chooses to buy oyster sauce, fish sauce, lemongrass, mirin, rice wine and sweet white fish all possible. Home China and Central Asia, the two largest supermarkets in the area, you can find the strangest and most products stocked concentrated in one place. Alejandro Feraud the restaurant Yes, Yes, Yes, the eastern blocks are an opportunity to get crabs and snails, fresh and tasty, while for Ximena Saenz Chefs cook Argentine program, Chinatown is a guarantee of quality. "There are strange meal, all existing rice and sauces that you can think of a" lists. A walk to accustom smell the aroma of sea impregnant and admire the friendly packaged goods. A tip for the most vague: in all local gourmet sushi is ready to go and eat at home.

Address: Juramento between City of Peace and Amenábar, Belgrano.
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 to 13 and 17 to 20.30. Saturdays from 8 to 13.
Empty and closed positions do not prevent that here you can buy everything you need to organize a feast worthy of praise. Frequented by locals, Belgrano's fair has little, but good. Among the grocers, The Wayward chicory offers an assortment of colors and textures that surprised even the most gourmet: sprouts, herbs, natural and cultivated mushrooms, baby potatoes and sweet potatoes and Andean little bundle of mint, cilantro and curry. Opposite, the carnage of El Rosario boasts the ability of employees to make clean cuts. Here you can get ready products such as breaded and complete brochettes. The star of the show since the first Valenti of the story, with its unique meats and cheeses. The circuit is completed with Casa Polti, a local history that is in front of the market that provides herbs, seeds, dried fruit, flour and dietary products of excellent quality. Attention to the post of the pasta factory with fresh merchandise, worth taking home some good ravioli.

Address: Boat Centenera 141, Caballito.
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8 to 13 and from 17 to 20.30.
With over 120 years of history, Mercado El Progreso is an icon of Caballito and surroundings and also one of the favorites for the most demanding palates. Despite the passage of time, progress has preserved the typical market environment according to the popular imagination. In the Navy offer rabas fish while the public lining up to be the best Patagonian hake. Attention to the position in which only sold potatoes: not available in any other grocery store on the market thanks to the covenant of loyalty between friends stallholders. Nuche the carnage, the King of the Gizzard, ensures excellent products. You can find parts ready for the oven and homemade burgers lean matambre rolls, cuts marinated, breaded and meatballs. For confectioners, pastry Vanessa is a must.

Organic world
Address: Federico Lacroze 4181, Chacarita.
Hours: Wednesdays from 9 to 12, and Saturday from 9 to 18.
The Organic Warehouse is operated by a different approach, as its name suggests, natural products and direct purchase from the producer who brought their goods from farms and fields near the capital. Fruits and vegetables grown without fertilizers or insecticides homemade dairy production, handmade organic products, like breads, jams, preserves, butter, yogurt and homemade cheese. The post of Alicia, which sells everything he gets from his fifth in La Plata, has vegetables that delight the eye and palate. At one end of the shed, a bar and small tables are the scenery of a breakfast bar with cakes and puddings or take a natural juice. At lunchtime, there are always surprises rolls and specialty sandwiches. Foodies can find peppercorns, cumin and other spices, cakes and sweet things already prepared, cereal, sausage and herbs in their pots.

Andean colors
Address: Jose Leon Suarez to 100, between Ramon Falcon and Ibarrola, Liniers.
Hours: daily.
The two opposing blocks that make up this chaotic flea market focus the best raw material of the Peruvian and Bolivian food. José León Suárez transit 100 is left to go through the mesmerizing mix of aromas of pepper and herbs of the Andes. Locals not only offer peppers of all varieties and intensities (more red, more spicy), beans, peas, baby potatoes of all kinds, chicha morada (for juicing), tropical fruits, cilantro, Inca Cola! and evaporated milk, but also a breathtaking landscape of colorful snacks with full kits to make offerings and worship to the Pachamama. "To make Peruvian food is perfect. It is much cheaper and you'll find everything," says the chef Ximena Saenz, market fanatic. The brave can eat to step in street stalls offering peach juice or pineapple refrigerated picnic coolers, and accompany with Bolivian empanadas or corn cakes.

Street markets as the journey of a circus, these fairs come with their cushy positions street and installed in certain places or streets of the city with fresh produce and quality. The advantage is that nomadic markets often have good merchandise at lower prices than those already established. Awareness and offer sell vegetables, fish, meats, cold cuts, cheeses and groceries. For each item there is a job. Sellers usually arrive around 6 am and stay until noon. In the City of Buenos Aires there are twelve to be alternating each day in different neighborhoods, like La Boca, Chacarita, Urquiza, Núñez, Devoto, Flores, Slaughter, Belgrano, Caballito and College, among others. See to know where and when.

Source Brando