Not the first time a gay cruise anchored at the port of Buenos Aires. For four years contingent of tourists from around the world landed to know the local gay scene. But this is the first cruise for gay and lesbian "100% Argentine."

Ego and sail is called the next season of Port City on 12 December, and in five days and four nights travel Punta del Este and Montevideo.

With room for 2,200 people, Ego has seven bars, four restaurants, jacuzzi, spa, clothing stores, theater, casino, discos and four pools.

In the four days of the expedition, there will be themed parties, games, music, shows and famous international DJs. Also include the option of symbolic marriages at sea. The idea is that this ship sails once a year to dismiss the closing and start a new fresh way.

Such trips are common in the United States and some European countries, but Latin America are a novelty.
"We saw that Buenos Aires is one of the most important gay destinations in the world. It is a special city for gay tourists because there ghettos in other parts of the world. Here the whole city is gay-friendly, "says José María Jaroslavsky, director of Thesys, one of the organizing companies. The other is Eurovips, and both relied on the advice of Gnetwork360 consultant specializing in the sector. The cruise ship was held in the Opera, MSC belonging to the company during his season on the shores of the region.

It is not yet defined the total value of the trip, but it is a cruise with special services, it is estimated that the price will be higher than any other. However, according to market research, that does not preclude, as the gay segment expense thus runs more than 60% to the public straight.

According to statistics cited by the Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the total number of tourists who came to Argentina in 2010, 18% is gay.

And it is estimated that the percentage of the city's gay residents of more than 9%. Therefore in the Cruiser will be special place for Argentines.
Arrived mainly from the United States, Brazil, Germany and Spain, 70% of gay tourists remains only in the city, attracted by its commercial, artistic life, design and night. For them, there is a wide range of options. "The basic gay circuit includes hotel, discos, bars, daytime, debris and spas," says Paul De Luca, a partner at the consulting Gnetwork360.

For those who decide to stay a few days in the city after the cruise, the Axel hotel awaits its guests $ 130 per night. To eat, you can enjoy Inside for not much more money than any other segment was subtracted. And to go for a drink and have a good time, Pride Café also has good prices. When to go dancing, Human or Latin albums come in between 30 and 60 pesos entry.

Gay-culture, accentuated since the adoption of gay marriage turns to Buenos Aires in a unique place for this audience. If something was missing, a new year comes the cruise to celebrate at sea.