Brenda Daniela Asnicar Mendoza, better known as Brenda Asnicar is a young actress and singer, born on October 17 in Buenos Aires 19911, Argentina, known for her role in the sitcom Antonella Patito Feo young musical.


Is a young actress, singer and host. Brenda confesses that he loves to do is drink mate and chat with their grandmother. Its popularity came from the hand of one of the biggest hits of television in Argentina in recent times: the teen telenovela Patito Feo, but before it had begun his path to stardom, as it says that in 2001, when he learned casting that was made for the choir of Cantaniño, begged his mother to take her, "Give Mom, take me to audition, take me ...", there was selected from five thousand kids. His character was shameless the co-lead the program. A year later in 2002 was host of an entertainment program with Jimena Cyrulnik. Then in 2003, it was the turn of the Argentine guys driving by Channel 7 and he recorded "Roads", his first CD with the rest of the cast.

In 2007 Brenda was chosen among a thousand girls to play the role of bad as "Antonella" in Patito Feo. Brenda Asnicar was nominated for Clarín Awards 2007 under the heading "Disclosure women" where the trio shared with his co-star Laura Natalia Esquivel and whoever wins Urtizberea Violeta (for Lalola).

In 2008 he recorded the season segunta ugly duckling, at the end, the entire cast was giving a tour of Latin America many spectacular shows.

In 2009 there were rumors that the series would take about angels, but denied it completely. Also made several photoshoots and interviews.

In 2010 he was going to Spain with Camila Salazar Camila Outinen to make a show of Divine ugly duckling: A-Divine Tour. But there were problems, were suspended indefinitely.

Brenda is currently playing the role of Nuria, an antagonistic character in the series Dream with me that appears from Chapter 10.

On October 28, 2010 incastrato chi has appeared in Peter Pan? Program (Italy) as special guest. Also present on Sunday October 31 at the 9th aerobic running and walking "for the rights of the child cured of cancer," where he sang and played with children with this disease. Brenda said Mia start recording, my invisible friend in January 2011 when she was the protagonist.


Cantaniño (2001-2003)
chi has incastrato peter pan? (Special guest) (2010)
Chicos Argentinos (2003-2006)
Ugly duckling as Lamas Antonella Bernardi (2007-2008)
Dream with me, as Nuria (2010 - present) ~ From Chapter 10 ~
Mia, My Amiga Mia Invisible (2011)

Ugly Duckling Story More Linda At The Theater - 2007
Patito Feo El Show Mas Lindo - 2008

Roads - (2005)
Patito Feo - The most beautiful story - (2007)
Patito Feo - The most beautiful story in the theater - (2007)
Patito Feo - Life is a party - (2008)
Patito Feo - The cutest tour - (2008)
Dream with me OST - (2010)
Mia soundtrack, my invisible friend - (2011)
Year CD Song Singer or Group
2007 Las Divinas Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo, prettier History
2007 I, I Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo, prettier History
Brenda Asnicar Tango 2007 Patito Feo weeping, the most beautiful story in the theater
2008 Nene dance Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo, Life is a party
2008 Goddess, unique, beautiful and divine Brenda Asnicar Patito Feo, Life is a party
2009 Hymn to love Brenda Asnicar Mia, my invisible friend (no news of the series)
2010 Brenda Asnicar talk about me Dream with me

Boast's (2007)
Marcela Koury (2007 - 2008)
Martin Fierro 2007: Revelation (Patito Feo)
Emmy Awards: Ugly Duckling

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