River are the days when a fire that lights the fire whenever the situation public Ortega. In the midst of this story that shakes the whole sports world for a couple of days, Juan Jose Lopez is staying calm and told this newspaper that there is no going back, "not cost me or let me cost, I made a decision and is res judicata, there is nothing to repent and we must look forward. " Despite knowing that they are not easy times to discuss River coach agrees to talk exclusively in the tearoom of the club of a determination that go down in history.
"You made a determination that shook all, I had a hard time doing so, how did you decide?
I do not like to delve deeper into the subject, is a final and complete. Not worth talking about something that has already been decided. If cost or not is another thing. I do not want to think about it.
- Did you had to think hard?
-No. There. I do not want to put your finger on the wound, not good. My decision is tough for him, I was a player and I understand, but that's it.
- Why did you take such a drastic measure?
"I'm in front of a group, we are a group and have a way of working. From below the message was being disciplined, to work in a living and objectives. And at first is just not going to change the thinking, is best for River.
- Will you return to talk to him, there is a chance to go to spring training if you can not club?
"No, that's it. It is a finished thing, there is nothing to discuss. Then if we see and talk to me I talk, it is something that. I wish him well. This was something sporty, a bit of work, discipline, it was nothing personal. This measurement was taken and there is no getting around it.
- Did you see the football level is also just discipline?
"It's a work item, the subject is football and to play. We are highly competent professionals and there are rules and that does not comply, does not think the group and do not think the commitments you have.
- And how do you communicate?
"I told you, these days we have experienced, I did not believe that we serve, because I think you have to have a discipline and need people willing to do their best. I need everyone to put the best benefit of the group.

"The choice was mine"

- Did they say anything on the street, friends, received support or criticism?
"Do not I look at it, I thought I had to take the measure and was my decision. It was the best for the group and me are all the same, I will not make difference to anyone, not a kid nor Almeyda. I want positive people who will serve this group. It is for the good of the River that we are all imbued need to move forward in this difficult time and we have to leave everything to the last drop of sweat.
- Ortega was not good for you group these behaviors?
"There, do not continue talking about an issue for me is final. One always has to ensure the group and discipline. Of course you would not want to make certain decisions, but when it is leading a group of an institution such as River always have to make decisions.
- And do not count on Ortega opens the possibility of reinforcements?
"No, because we have a problem of economics. No change same. We have a tournament that's just reality.

Source: Diario Popular