Usually, all on January 3, successive Argentine governments typically do a release with more or less virulent on its claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas, as another anniversary, this year is number 178 of the British occupation of the islands, which began in 1833. At yesterday, the Foreign Ministry ruled that unilateral acts of the United Kingdom on natural resources like oil exploration or military exercises in the archipelago, are a "major obstacle" to the continuity and development of "bilateral cooperation" in the "provisional agreements" signed by London and Buenos Aires, now completely obsolete.

The statement mentioned no dates on bilateral agreements, but both cities were signed in the mid-'90s, after the resumption of diplomatic relations. Therefore the text issued by the Foreign Ministry yesterday copper relevant because it materializes what was broken in recent years to reach this paralysis in relations with Britain by malvinización the link.

To the point that since August 2008, the Embassy of Argentina in London is without leadership, and the candidacy of José Nun to fill the position was withdrawn by Argentina in protest.
Under the governments of Tony Blair and Carlos Menem signed fishing agreements, still in place, but now obsolete because Argentina does not participate in the meetings of the Committee on Fisheries of the South Atlantic and oil. This itself was repealed by the Kirchner administration, which also strengthened the inspection of ships at sea. And in regard to the policy of cheap, yet retained a national ban which charters planes to travel to the islands. In a statement yesterday, the foreign ministry also complained about the "reluctance of the United Kingdom to address the issue of sovereignty", as claimed by Argentina, and recalled the statements of support for this claim of the different regional, multilateral and country , individually.

The Foreign Ministry also said that the British attitude also contradicted the Resolution 31/49 of the General Assembly of the United Nations urges both parties to refrain from taking unilateral decisions to introduce changes in the situation while the islands are going through the process recommended in relevant resolutions.

"Argentina is incomprehensible Britain's refusal to address the merits of finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the sovereignty dispute, in accordance with the mandate of the international community," concluded the statement with the same letter in a repeated exchange year to year.

Source Clarin