Three years after the car accident that nearly killed her, Mariana de Melo returns to the stage hand "Flor de pito", the work produced by Gerardo Sofovich and is headed to Nazarene Velez, also recovered from a tragedy: death of her younger sister.

2007 was a banner year for Mariana. On 16 December of that year traveling with his agent and his driver on Route 5 at the height of Pehuajó hand in Capital when the vehicle which rammed carrying a combine is coming in the opposite direction.

The driver died instantly and the model and its representative were seriously injured. Mariana remained in coma and after surgery through a large cerebral edema and fracture of vertebrae and abdominal effusions, managed to recover.

Mariana de Melo stated that "born again" and this is no longer conditional and encourages all, even to show their bare breasts to the public .. "I've never done nudity in the theater. Once worked in magazine and I did not. I proposed it and I thought well, because the character requires. I have no dramas with my body tells me people do very well, "confessed the brunette who joined the company to replace Gerardo" La Gata "Noelia.

"Long ago I work with Gerardo Sofovich, I always have in mind to make plays and really wanted to be in Carlos Paz. I love this city, because I have friends and have fun ", added

However, although a laugh, Mariana keeps inside the notes of the accident and says: "I served 3 years of life ever since. "