A man was arrested by police who accused beating to death his son just five years inside a home in Mar del Plata.

The owner of the North District, Carlos Cernadas, said that before a complaint from neighbors, police admitted this morning around 9.30 am at home and found the dead child on a bed.

According to the police chief told in dialogue with Radio Brisas the incident occurred last night near 23 in the interior of the dwelling located at 3266 Rauch Street.

From the data collected to witnesses, the man identified only with the name "Ojeda" gives him strong punishments and blows to the child. When police entered the residence which was opened by Ojeda's concubine who is not child's biological mother, found on a bed in a room the creature dead with signs of having been severely beaten and in the same bed hidden to the parent who was arrested and taken into custody.

Investigation of a murder described by the shift linkage Attorney Juan Pablo Lodola, who took statements from the concubine of Ojeda, who was also arrested.