San Rafael, Santa Rosa, 15/1/2010. "It can not be that Charles would not have heard the sentinel. I let it go. Deserves punishment. " "Nasser showed unsportsmanlike behavior. I closed, I had and began to zigzag to raise dust. "

Antofagasta, Copiapo, yesterday. The round was repeated. With one difference: last year complained Sainz being first, a baby step enshrined in Buenos Aires. Today, Qatar is looking at all from above.

The special ended right there at the entrance to the bivouac. Al-Attiyah had fallen from his Volkswagen and was routinely notes with a big smile after winning the stage. Just for that? No. The gesture evident: there was something else. The friendly Qatar now leads the overall standings, now pulling the strings ... "We took control of the race." Prince no sooner finished saying that, six and a half minutes later, a sudden appearance as affable altered the situation. Yes, it was Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard, and scowling grimly, parked the Touareg and headed to where it was Nasser. All opened.

Sainz faced him, separated him so no one would listen, and said some things. No one knows why. But you can guess by subsequent statements. "I was quicker than him and could not find the place for fun, so I rang the sentinel. When it was over, Carlos accelerated and I had the sentinel to me, but I had been first, "said Nasser. And Sainz, after explaining that he lost time to fit twice, shielded himself with another version: "It did not have to touch my sentinel. He was behind me and no faster settling. It is normal in the desert that makes you a car behind you, stuck, because it is better computing time. That was what was really happening. "

However, on Volkswagen things are hot. With BMW almost out of everything (besides Chicherit dropouts and Newfoundland, Peterhansel still playing gums), Kris Nissen's team is torn between Sainz and Al-Attiyah. Again. Madrid last year he finished out two minutes and Qatari coins, which now takes advantage 6m36s. Nissen that do not even think to give some suggestions from above on the team.