River Plate striker is not taken into account by the professional staff coach, Juan José López, so club should be sought, according to sources from the institution.
The coach told the decision to Jujuy during training that the team performed at the Estadio Monumental de Núñez.

"I got kicked out of River. I'm going to talk to (Daniel) Passarella to fix the decoupling, " Ortega said when he retired and runs very obfuscated the Monumental.

Ortega was absent yesterday only the beginning of the cycle as a coach Juan José López official River.

According to the medical report that gave the club the day before, the "Burrito" suffered a gastroenterocolitis.

While the medical staff headed by Luis Seveso found yesterday gastroenterocolitis grade player and hinted that Ortega would have to report to practice today, the leaders were upset because it is not the first time the absents Jujuy training.

The president of the institution, Daniel Passarella, had said recently that Ortega JJ López "will not fuck", to which the "Black " said the players "are professional" and have "rights and obligations. "

So today, when the player is introduced to the training, the technician told him that from now not going to consider and to seek club.

A Ortega did not like the decision of "Black" and left the Monumental on the run with an uncertain destiny, but managed to express that in the coming hours to arrange talks with Passarella its detachment from the club.

According to people close to Jujuy, the representative of Ortega, John Cress, had received two offers, a Brazilian football and the other from Saudi Arabia, but for now his future is unknown