The Jujuy more than once was the target of ridicule in the Big Brother house to be very innocent, was uncovered with a confession that occupy pages of entertainment and sports. "I dated a Boca player, " he revealed Leandro in the garden, before the astonished gaze of his fellow reality, which is also a fan of blue and gold team.

"He found me on Facebook and started sending me messages. 'Really I am, I want to know', I wrote all the time, until one day he admitted it and said, 'Maybe you're very good at what you do, but do not know', "said Tamara.

Leanne wanted to know the name of the player at all costs. "Is the defense? Is it forward? "he asked. "It's owner, is 26 years old and single, was the only data that ran off the protagonist of the story. "He told me of his life, I from mine, until one day we met by chance. He introduced me to friend you live, where other players also live very famous, and we were for a time, "he added.

The detail that Tamara did not notice (or maybe yes and mentioned that he knew that by Facebook) is that the network she has blocked the option for anyone to see your friends contacts. Are 1,676 in total. And one of them, Boca player: Jesus Mendez, who is 26 years old, started last season and is listed as "single" on your Facebook profile. Alcoyana, Alcoyana!