The Minister of Industry will meet on Tuesday in Beijing with Chinese Commerce Minister by the Commission Bilateral Trade between the two countries. It was noted that the objective is "to diversify exports to China."
The Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi, left for China with the aim of deepening bilateral trade, which seek to sell more manufactured goods and foodstuffs to Iraq.

The industrial portfolio said the officer will meet on Tuesday in Beijing, with the Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, in the framework of the Bilateral Trade between the two countries, established last July.

"Argentina seeks to rebalance the exchange of value-added work and raising a strategic business partnership that includes access to the Chinese market for food and manufactures," said Giorgi before travel.

In a statement, she said that Argentina will attempt to "diversify exports to China."
"We are looking to insert ourselves in this market wisely and not to export only primary products without added value," he said.

The Ministry of Industry indicated that processed and unprocessed foods the country exported 20,000 million dollars worldwide, but only 1 percent to China, which in turn imports more than 16,000 million in processed foods.

Giorgi traveled accompanied by Secretary of Industry, Eduardo Bianchi. The arrival of the minister is scheduled for tonight, time in Argentina, and tomorrow will begin a round of meetings.

During his stay in Beijing, officials will meet with Chinese importers interested in agricultural and food machinery.

He also will meet with entrepreneurs who have already invested or are looking to do in Argentina. In this regard, official sources pointed out that, in addition, there will be meetings with directors of the Midea electrical firm, which aims to settle in Tierra del Fuego, and Wei Hua company, which manufactures phones in the island and extend their investments.

Bilateral trade in 2010 was nearly 13,000 million dollars and grew more than 60 percent over the previous year, while quadrupling between 2003 and 2008.

China is Argentina's second largest trading partner, accounting for 10 percent of exports and 13 per cent of imports.