The model and TV host of the camp ran blondes

With a stunning blonde, the result of an alliance with a color mark, Zaira Nara happy celebrating the success of "The show kitchen," his debut as host, and ponders whether the coming year will be spent in Spain with her boyfriend or the country.

Wanda's sister, who stood out with his charisma in the first season of "Just in time" as a panelist, she decided to leave too dark for the first time to join an advertising campaign.

"It was always brown, but I think that blondes are more striking. Especially in the summer, with tanned skin, heat, sand, cool clothes ... I think this color and I get on well," she told People magazine.

At age 23, Nara got to be a popular figure without the scandals of his sister, but with the same love for the players. For two years the former participant of "Dancing with the Stars" comes with Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan who triumphs at Atletico Madrid.

"He was not sure my new look, but to me approved the change. Again me that always trust my decisions," she said happily.

This love, however, puts off the crossroads of choosing a country in which to settle. So far, she decided to travel in the week to meet up with her boyfriend, but she knows that this lifestyle can not last much longer.

Then you got out of the dance contest in El Trece, Nara got his first role as host along with Mariano Iudica in "show kitchen" reaps good ratings on Saturday. Now that the sending ends, it is time for decisions.

"It's really difficult. I am meeting with Ideas del Sur to see what I do. They rely heavily on me, the issue is that television requires great dedication and I want to be with Diego," she said.

Thus, it poses a tough dilemma that affects the tug and her career. "All the time I doubt: first you open a huge professional future. And I guess the other also with my love. I'm in the middle stage of approach," she said.