Gladys, a Buenos Aires 41, which departed from the position in law school located in the Recoleta neighborhood, was the first user of "bicing" Buenos Aires bicycle system for public use, which was launched this morning promoted by the City Government.

"We are excited that with great impact began to operate the system bicing. We have many people registered via the Internet to use the bikes and that's already being felt in the early hours," said William Dietrich Telam, Traffic and Transportation Undersecretary of Buenos Aires.

"The first user was a woman, Gladys 41, he needed to conduct in the center and reached this position to move into a public bicycle. Gladys started at 9:30 and thus began to roll the bicing "he said.

The new system of public use bicycles, which is included in the "Buenos Aires Bike Program" seeks to promote the use of that road as a transport medium green, healthy and fast.

With this objective is now fitted out three of the twelve stations under: Law School, Plaza de la Aduana and Retirement Terminal and began to use 100 of the 500 bicycle-sharing program envisages.

"Citizens who wish to go on these bikes must register to use the service, initiating the process through page, then complete it in the enabled stations," said Dietrich.

At the station of departure "users take pictures and sign an affidavit of acceptance of rental conditions. Shall be submitted ID, a service on behalf of the applicant and photocopies of both."

He recalled that along with the bicycle helmet and delivery chain which "must be returned within two hours at the station or any of the enabled" and stressed that "the system is free, no insurance taken so that the risks are borne by the user. "

According to Dietrich, is "a pilot of one year, during which they will be added the nine remaining stations."

The next would enable Post Office, Faculty of Engineering, Lezama Park and Puerto Madero.

According to plans the Government of Buenos Aires, who do not return the bike time "may be fined" and if there is no return "will be used for justice."

The new system is in line with global trends, as they operate in cities like Paris, New York and Barcelona and was taken to use the bicycle as an ally to alleviate traffic and to promote a city with sustainable practices.