Fabio "La Mole Moli" and Julia Broughton last night became the first finalist couples "Bailando por un Sueño 2010, after having won the phone vote Vanina Escudero and Pier Fritzsche, who had won yet in mourning the track.

Exactly. the match had ended three rates 2 to 1 for Fritzsche Escudero. However, the public support given back to the boxer, who remained with 67.82 percent of the vote, against 32.18 of Escudero.

Thus, Moli became the first finalist. The second one will know tomorrow, when faced Silvina Paula Chaves and Escudero, who is worth remembering was the champion in "The Music of Your Dreams 2009."

In the program's inception, Vanina Escudero had reached the track in tears: "For me this work, feel what I felt on Tuesday night, Wednesday, people stopping along the street, giving me gifts, throwing little notes by under the door, I can not thank them. "

"This coup was not joking, I'm in pain were pricking the column with medication. I have a patch that works to not move the bones. But I can dance, the most I have is will. On Tuesday I wanted to go, I'm so committed to the dream, maybe it's too much responsibility, "he added.

Then it was time for the "Mole" Moli, who also reached the semifinal of the contest with physical problems, as you drag the sciatic nerve problems. "But this is nothing compared to what she suffers," he said.

First rhythm: quartet

Both couples tore the semifinal with the rhythm Cordoba par excellence, which should be the boxer who take the lead. Pier Fritzsche Escudero and danced to "Kiss Kiss" of "Mona" Giménez. Escudero was difficult, he looked slow and very painful in some tricks. Although it seemed that it would stop dancing at any moment, the blonde did not.

Moli and his partner, Julia Cejas, who replaces Mariana Conci, danced to "I Cordovan" the unforgettable Rodrigo. Both excelled in track and Cordoba showed that the quartet is its pace and it's in his blood.

The first vote, Graciela Alfano, was to Moli. Fort Ricardo Escudero gave his verdict. Aníbal Pachano Escudero also preferred. Queen Reech endorsed by the Mole. Tied 2 to 2, the truth was in the hands of Moria.

"We saw you lost, you saw mareadita, there were many failures. Maybe in the next and you're better. As for the Mole, I liked the output, as under the stairs. I recreated a Bailanta had confetti, joy. I believed everything. So my vote is the Mole, "he said. Thus, Fabio "La Mole" Moli scored the first point of the contest.

Second rate: novel adaggio

Fritzsche Escudero and began the round with "I'm still alive" by Alejandro Lerner, under the watchful gaze of Waldo, with a rosary in his mouth. In the second beat, the dancer was much safer on the track. Then, the boxer he repeated his performance with "A tear on the phone" in Paz Martínez. The Cordoba was a Korea that raunchy tragicomic when pulled behind the chair.

Alfano's vote was to Escudero, like Fort, who called it "sublime" the actions of the dancer. Pachano also gave his vote for Escudero, who thus became the second point. The one who gave his support to the Mole was Moria, who emphasized that they were not "righteous."

Last rate: disco

The blonde with the Escudero danced to "Time goes back look like Madonna. Unlike previous chorea, Vanina and her partner showed coordination failures. Moli closed while the duel with his performance into music with "WMCA" Village People, a pace that perfect picture of the couple, who despite not being the most virtual brought joy back to the track. But closure was perfect.

The first point, Grace, who said he struggled to their third vote because I saw them both in "quality champions" went to the Mole. The second point, Fort, was to Escudero. Meanwhile, Pachano endorsed by Fabio. Queen voted Waldo's wife, leaving again a draw 2 to 2 and everything in the hands of Moria. La ex vedette gave his support to Vanina.

Thus, the round ended 2 to 1 in favor of Escudero. But there was a public telephone vote, which more than one million 200 thousand calls and text messages, gave the decisive support to La Mole Moli and Julia Broughton.