Each day that passes increases the expectation of the fans of Luis Miguel for the first time visiting our city on Saturday at the Stade de Liniers. However, not everything seems to work wonders for the organizers
the event. The first problems were raised following the change of location became available, the Club Olympus to transfer to Liniers.

According to some sources close to Bay Chronicle said that the change of location was not due to complications at the time of dismantling the stage before the next game aurinegro, it was for the limited number of tickets sold. This information is compounded by the likelihood that the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) control the show and
That would complicate things further.

Finally he announced that the transactions are part of a series of procedures which were also held in the recital of Joan Manuel Serrat and young adult group show "Teen Angels" last Sunday, both on the football field Avenida Alem.

The control provisions of the spectacle of young artists performed on all activities related to the show and the same part Inspectors and Supervisors, Division Control No. 4 of the Regional Bahía Blanca de la AFIP, by the Accountants Camilo Merino and Horacio Ponzoni.

The task is focused on the monitoring of trainees, noting that were duly reported in the Social Security Resources and having their
Key respective early discharge issued by their employers.

For its part, the officials noted that the work of ushers, loading and unloading equipment and surveillance, the organizers were discharged to 119 workers through the "My Simplification.

Employers monotributistas detected in the control, in addition, they audit the billing of services, delivery of vouchers to the organizers, and the correct frame in the categories corresponding to the number of employees who are required by law.

Following the results will continue conducting
such controls and the next will be at the recital of Luis Miguel.

Source Chronicle