The soy value paid by the factories was a record $ 1,340 per tonne on the wheel Granaria of Rosario, an increase of 1.5% over the previous close.

In the square there were also Rosario operations of $ 1,360, in a scenario of purchasing willingness of operators to meet external demand.

The oilseed maintained a price of $ 320 for factories and export for delivery in May, while other cereals no significant change despite calls from exporters of corn.

Operations showed no buyers interested in bids for wheat and corn closed at $ 160 for delivery in January and $ 170 contraentrega from March to July.

For sorghum available no interested buyers, while for the next cereal crop is paid $ 140 per tonne contraentrega to March / April. And for sunflower plants available disbursed $ 1,350 with immediate download.

On the other hand, in Chicago there was a close bullish for agricultural commodities for the dollar's weakness against other currencies and attractiveness to investors for agricultural products.