The British newspaper "The Guardian" published in today's edition of police documents that include all the allegations against the founder of Wikileaks of the two women who accuse him of sexual abuse. Assange Julian is currently on bail in Britain pending extradition to Sweden for such charges dating from his stay in Sweden in August, during which he slept with both.

The Swedish Justice has not filed charges against the founder of Internet portal, but the authorities want to question him. "The Guardian", who had access to police records of the case, said that in the first case Assange had consensual sex with the "Mrs A", during which the condom broke. The woman accused of deliberately planned Assange and ejaculate without protection.

Assange denies having broken condom or have realized it broke.
In the second case, a "Mrs. W" says that during a separate appointment had consensual sex with a condom with Assange, but the next morning woke up when he was penetrating her without a condom.

She asked if she had HIV and he said no. Later asked to undergo a test to determine whether he had AIDS and he refused. In Sweden and the UK have sex without a condom without the consent of the couple is considered a crime equivalent to rape.

Assange denied having done anything punishable and his lawyer, Mark Stephens, branded the accusations "ploy." The founder of the site currently remains in the UK in a friend's house after his release on bail earlier in the week.

Wikileaks publication of some 250,000 secret diplomatic cables from U.S. embassies, and former U.S. leak of documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have become the most visible face international online platform. Many politicians of the Republican Right in America want to be prosecuted for espionage.