On the beach of the fishermen from Jose Ignacio runs a breeze and it smells like salt. María Eugenia Suárez walk slowly, just burying your toes in the sea. Enterito carries a white, slightly wavy blond hair and tanned skin. At 18, actress who became famous for her role in Almost Angels Jasmine is spending his first holiday with her boyfriend, Ignacio Viale. Stay in Casablanca, the shelter has Mirtha Legrand Punta del Este. "With Nacho got along great, is the person you would like to share my life," he says.

Eugenia began working in television at age 6, almost by accident. "I was playing in a square and a photographer took a picture and I told my mom ordered it from an advertising agency," he recalls. The first was for pasta Don Vittorio, Peru, and for a toothpaste brand in Uruguay. At 11, he entered the producer Cris Morena to join the cast of Corner of light and three years later became the star of Almost Angels, the last child hit Cris Morena, which lasted four years on the screen and , as Rebelde Way, had his band, Teen Angels, with whom he recorded four albums and Eugenia toured Israel, Spain, Peru and Chile.

Eight months ago, he went to live alone in an apartment in Palermo, a few blocks away from their parents, Marcella and William. "I had times very different from my family. Although I'm still girl and my mom visits me every day and handles the accounts to pay me, I know that my work took the life of someone bigger, "he explains. And with the move found that it is no longer the teen messy living with their parents. "I became an obsessive home. I like having everything clean and orderly, "he said. During the time it takes to live alone, Eugenia swears that, although the recordings will bring back all day and dead at night, never asked for food outside. "I like cooking. My favorites are the chicken with mustard or scrambled zucchini with Parmesan cheese. And when I made too late, I go through the car and I bought a double cheeseburger, "he admits with a laugh.

"I see that dieting is not part of your life.

"Never did any diet and I do not have to do it, because it cost a lot. When I go to a restaurant I like to ask schnitzel with fries. I hate those places where the dishes are mini and I have to ask the waiter to explain to me the whole letter. I am very simple, only I have problems with food when I travel because I do not like spicy or fish. When we go on tour to Israel, I get to milk powder, because that everything has a different flavor and really bad happened.

- Do you feel that you sacrificed a lot to have started working so young?

"Not at all. I have the pleasure of working for what I like and have found my vocation. I do not feel burned out stages, I only had a different childhood. Of all the prejudices that circulate around the world of television, the only certainty is that it is difficult to continue with school.

- How did you handle that issue?

"When I started with light corner, at age 11, I moved the school they went to one that was half a turn and was one block from home. And there you go really bad because my classmates I made life impossible. I left little notes threatening that I was going to cut my hair and I remember that once sealed the timbre of my house with glue so that you could not tell my mom I open the door. Luckily there were only two years in high school and went back to my previous school.

- Did you finish high school?

"Not yet. In third year I was fired for misconduct and I switched to a secondary accelerated. But it was also a disaster: first repeated and then I was free. The problem is that I am very concerned, I have attention deficit disorder and I can hardly concentrate. So now I started a distance learning program and I can only make fifth year. It's something I want to finish because I promised my parents. Besides, I always liked psychology. I think it's good to have a plan B, because in the environment of television today and tomorrow you do not know.

- Do you do therapy?

"No, I went once and the psychologist could not stop wondering if something bad had happened to me in my childhood. My mom is my best friend, I love it everywhere with me and help me with everything I need. Imagine that to beat the fear of driving to take me and bring me back and forth. And my dad is someone who I admire very much and always advised me very well. I think it is through education that I received from them, despite the work I have, I never got hooked on things that are wrong or lost humility.

- Is that something you share with Nacho?

"Yes, we have many common values. Besides, we both have very strong characters, though I am a little calmer and he is taking off. Another thing we always agree on the image of someone we just met and we generated that person. It's amazing!

- What do they differ?

"Nacho is given to people, I fell really well to my family and all my friends. Instead, I'm more shy and quiet, I admit that I find it hard to warm up.

- How to live to be a benchmark for millions of kids that followed almost angels?

"I'm very aware of that. The truth is I do not think a reference. It seems bizarre that there are girls that I have the same star tattooed on his neck, or buy the same clothes as me. I think, although I am very happy with my way, I'm not such a thing. Do not want anyone to imitate me because, like everyone else, I make millions of mistakes.

- How to handle the large exhibition that gives you TV?

"When I'm in a public place and someone recognizes me, I automatically start sweating hands and I get very nervous. I try to take shelter as I can. Like, I do not still be famous, do not identify with that word. Hopefully at some time off and make me a name in the artistic environment.

"Now that almost finished angels, what projects do you have for next year?

"There is a possible tour in 2011 with the band and other proposals that I'm still evaluating. After four years of doing the same character, I'm desperate to do something different. I love to be part of a product more played, the type of murdered women. Anyway, in the future I would like to work in Hollywood, making films, TV or singing in the style Beyonce [Knowles].

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