At the end of December will open a theater in the happy and the first work to be presented will be "Passion", the comedy produced by Aldo Funes and having Dario Lopilato in the cast.

Victoria Theatre, a 300-room stalls, presented at the first time the comedy "Passion" by Sergio Marcos, directed by Roberto Antier with a cast of Dario Lopilato, Germain Kraus, Stella Maris Lanzani, Claudia Albertario Drozdek and Luly Delfina Gerez Bosco.
Aldo production Funes was aa known in the Theater Los Angeles come to Buenos Aires Mar del Plata. According to the producer, want to opening night are beloved figures glories of Mar del Plata as China Zorrilla be present at the premiere of the comedy.
Dario For his part next week travel to the United States invited by his future brother - Michael Buble and invited his sister Luisana the premiere of the comedy.