When he launched his candidacy for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, six days ago, Francisco De Narvaez did not say whether competing in Peronism or outside and also left open the scene about who is "their" candidate for president.

In the analysis in private with his campaign team for these times, one of those uncertainties be cleared: De Narváez is inclined to put up a fight within the party, even in an internal "clear rules" if the Act regulates Political Reform. Does the winner of Nestor Kirchner in 2009 provides for the possibility of sharing the ballot with Cristina, her re-election and he in the province? "The President believes that the candidate is not" dodge the dilemma a man of his confidence, to shape the landscape that they deem more favorable, that Daniel Scioli rise to the dispute over the couch more, and thus avoid weight rival.

"We are convinced that the power will be discussed within Peronism," confided one of his closest officials. In its support environment that the chances for 2011 were below the resonance of victory last year. The expectations for the opposition control of Congress then diluted and the change of scenery by the death of Kirchner, where is the lack of a national candidate. Broken the alliance with Felipe Solá Mauricio Macri and shortly after that election, De Narvaez began a sinuous, faked to fight for the presidency, he approached Carlos Reutemann, he left the table conduction Federal Peronism, was with Julio Cobos and this month launched his campaign for governor with the open stage. "You want to know who is going to be my candidate for president? The best defend the province, "played the suspension, but neither has the answer.

Scioli explored an approach to public, after harshly criticizing him, before the death of Kirchner said that if he chose to make the jump would be welcome at the PJ opponent and that he had "differences" but its closeness to the presidential couple. The cry went out, but privately De Narvaez believes that possibility as the best option for your aspirations. In addition to confirming that it would fight within the party, I would like rivals in this space and Pablo Bruera Sergio Massa, for the moment. The figure of Joseph, brother of Governor Scioli and one of the trusted men of De Narváez-increasing speculation, but do not rule out near you Macri. De Narvaez will campaign in the summer, waiting to decant the political landscape defined.